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Open a book. Read with semicolon eyes. Directions: Hold down the Shift key and to the left of the Backspace go one button over and press like Morse Code. Why are they so close together? Each letter lines up— across, alone, anonymous. Braille is on the pages of eyelids. Blinks keep the dots from falling (more)

Cheyenne Baby

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To my daughter, Hannah Rose Gray, I am a Cheyenne woman, strong, independent, free. I consider myself to be moral but this day, I don’t know. The doctor says to me, calm as a cavalry colonel ready to attack, “We could do an abortion. You know, there is nothing wrong with that choice. Lots of (more)

Fall 2003 TCJ Student Edition – Introduction

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Telling Their Own Stories Two thoughts came to me as I read these new writings by tribal college students. The first was how important it is to tell your own stories. Not only because no one can see the world as you do, but also because if you don’t tell your story someone else may (more)