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To The Clouds

Aug 15th, 2003 | By | Comments Off on To The Clouds

Deedra looked at her fingernails, then at mine, as if to distract herself. I moved in close and put my arm around her. She put her head down and her hair fell over her face. “I’m sorry,” she sobbed. I could have cried for her as I saw her as a little girl remembering her (more)

Summers On Legend Lake

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You would think that as a year-around resident of Legend Lake, I would enjoy living on the beachfront during the summer. But I loathe the weeks from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The summer season begins with the Memorial Day weekend, which also begins my summer countdown. This is the dreaded time of year when (more)

Scream Of The Eagle

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The warrior scanned the dust on the horizon from the cliff overlooking a small, winding canyon, enclosed on both sides by jagged walls of stone. He knew that they had to come through the old trail; it was the only way. But that wouldn’t be for hours. He sat down and removed some dried meat (more)

More Than An Elk Hunt

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“Is this really happening?” I asked myself as I edged nearer the side of the mountain. The scream of the wapiti cut through me like a knife and startled me into action. I knelt and drew back my bow, all the while wondering if my ten-year pursuit of the elusive Rocky Mountain elk was nearly (more)

Rescue From Hell

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In a small, remote Indian village, a celebration was taking place. It was Indian Day across America, and it meant a day of gathering for local tribal members and nonmembers, and for visiting tourists. There were tribal leaders, important keynote speakers, arts and crafts displays, an Indian parade, and lots of free chow. Amid all (more)

October 12, 2001

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Fifty miles of cloudy skies; the smell of wet is on the fields tonight Lonesome highways take me from a place I once belonged If I never look back and never regret, does it mean I’m only living for the moment? You were admiring the fences and trees that lined the landscape, and you were (more)


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crinkled smiles, slanted eyes gaze out crosswise, searching for selfhood amongst the streetwise they wander tattered and shattered footsteps in permafrost, gingerly across muskeg and flora tundra chasing tracks of ancient caribou dreams questioning and preoccupied with the smell of crude oil exhaust fumes and murky streams almond eyes streaming cranberry tears scarlet blue/red wishing, (more)

The Sympathetic Eagle And The Poor Chicken

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There once was an eagle who was free to fly through the sky over every mountaintop, over every body of water, and every tree. He could view all creation from above. The eagle was happy and content, with not a care in the world. He was willing to share whatever he had with those of (more)

Matt-Choo-Choo and Me

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Morning sun filters through the pine trees on the hills behind my house climbing high enough to place its warming rays past the windows and into my living room. This time of day finds us sitting at the table doing breakfast together, my grandbaby and me.  Since he’s wearing most of his Alpha-Bits, I wonder (more)

An Ordinary Day

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To the west I stand and in the distance the land descends slightly only to ascend again into a knoll of crowded dark-green pinon trees tickling the light-shade of blue sky fading spectacularly blue high above a lonely half-bitten moon floating like an unidentified flying object while underneath lifeless plants strangle a cry for help (more)