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Old Soul

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Have you ever been told that it’s for certain that you are going to die? Of course, we all know death is looming in the distance for everyone; it’s a part of life. It was a rather unusual calm day on the waters of the Puget Sound, as a family sat in a cramped room (more)

What Goes Around Comes Around

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I decided to put on my best powwow outfit and hide on top of a small tree-covered hill that routed the road. I could see the dust fly up from behind a vehicle coming this way. I transformed myself into “warrior mode” and painted my face with mulberries. I crept along the bank, alert and (more)

Iron Horse

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I began the journey down the steep elevation, hearing the rumble of the exhaust bouncing off the hills surrounding the valley. The sharp drop in altitude cooled the hot and humid wind as it blew on my face. I couldn’t help but notice the drastic change from rolling farm fields to the lush green forest (more)

Pejuta Wakan: Sacred Medicine

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I must have been about eight years old when I started having trouble breathing. My dad noticed it at a basketball game when I was running around. He took me to a hospital. They could not diagnose me with anything, and they sent me home with no treatment. My dad then arranged for a healing (more)

The Loyal Desert Flower

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Growing up on the reservation, my great-grandfather was the apple of my eye. He is without a doubt the most respectable man I have ever known. He has seen both World Wars, watched a man walk across the surface of the moon, and witnessed the first African American man to become Leader of the Free (more)

The Perfect Recipe

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Identity. It’s a hard thing to explain. There are a lot of factors that lead an individual to identify with one group. Whether it is where your family is from, where you go to school, what your hobbies are, or even what color hair you have. Figuring out this intricate recipe for yourself is difficult. (more)

Where Are We Going?

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Ignorance would have allowed me to ask why my grandmother was questioning me about what she already knew, but I knew her to be wise and philosophically minded. I also knew better, to never be asked anything twice by my grandma, but because I was reminiscing about what a great, talented-minded human being she is, (more)

Foresight of Hope

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The cries of a nation in pain, scorned by the blinding hatred of a history long forgotten, Silent thought whispering beneath the surface of a silhouetted pond, stilled by a hidden hierarchy. With the leadership of a brazen warrior, a false unity was surmised, a moment’s reprieve from the ordinary yes, but ever destructive in (more)

Apple Delicious

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Silently, from the screen door, tiptoeing to the steps, hands hiding an Adam branded Apple. Delicious. Every bite sweeter than the last; moments that deserve clusters of childish smiles. Mom pushes the door wide open with mouthfuls of laughter, she says, “Don’t eat too much, you will get a stomachache.” I tell her, “It’s too (more)


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Show me a man With thick braids of balance With ears pierced of burden. Show me a man Wearing a shirt of leadership Wearing a scalp lock of responsibility. Show me a man Who uses his presence humbly Who uses his mind patiently. Show me a man With arrows of protection With medicine of acceptance. (more)