26-3: “Global Indigenous Higher Education” Table of Contents

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Features On a Dream and a Prayer: The Promise of World Indigenous Higher Education By Bradley Shreve Today, Indigenous peoples worldwide are coming together to assert greater self-determination in higher education. The movement is built on shared experiences and underscores the importance of Indigenous ways of knowing. From Montana to Brazil: Sparking an International Indigenous (more)

26-2: “Workforce Development” Table of Contents

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Features Creating Pathways to a Better Life: How Four Tribal Colleges Are Training Skilled Workers to Meet Regional Needs By Jerry Worley With the tremendous job growth and economic boom on the Northern Plains, tribal colleges in Montana and North Dakota are initiating new innovative programs to address the  Training for Tomorrow: Developing a Native (more)

26-1: “Celebrating 25 Years” Table of Contents

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Features Origin Story: The Genesis of Tribal College Journal By Paul Boyer TCJ founder and former editor, Paul Boyer, looks back at the origins of the journal and the tribal college movement, meditating on how youthful exuberance—and naivety—are often essential ingredients for action. Launching Lives of Service: We Honor 25 Outstanding Tribal College Alumni By (more)

25-4: “Nation Building” Table of Contents

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Nation building is a multi-faceted process in which tribal colleges and universities are increasingly playing an important role. Discover how TCUs have devised strategies and programs that strengthen and expand the economic, political, and social foundations of the First Nations.

25-3: “Preserving and Protecting Knowledge” Table of Contents

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Features Like a Thunderbird By Rhonda LeValdo-Gayton Preserving and protecting traditional knowledge remains a cornerstone principle at all tribal colleges and universities. Today, they are employing a variety of strategies to fulfill that mission. A Hundred Ways of Learning By Martha Lee At Tohono O’odham Community College, faculty and administrators ask how the college’s curriculum (more)

25-2: “Tribal and Behavioral Health” Table of Contents

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Features Healing Ourselves By Cheryl Crazy Bull For over 40 years, tribal colleges and universities have devised innovative programs to address behavioral and tribal health. Cheryl Crazy Bull, president and CEO of the American Indian College Fund, looks back at the progress made and details current strategies and initiatives. Working Together: Wellness and Academic Achievement (more)

25-1: “Art & Symbolism” Table of Contents

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Artists across Indian Country are constantly evolving and their work defies any single label or category. In this quarter’s edition of Tribal College Journal our writers highlight the changing nature of student expression shaped by a contemporary worldview that respects the past, present, and future.

24-4: “Language Revitalization” Table of Contents

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Features More Than Words, A Way of Life By Laura Paskus From the Arctic Circle to the Great Plains, tribal colleges and universities are launching a vast array of new programs to revitalize and preserve Native languages. Ojibwemotaadidaa: Preparing a New Generation of Fluent Speakers By Persia Erdrich Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College’s (more)

24-3: “The Science of Place” Table of Contents

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All across Indian Country, tribal college students and faculty members are conducting scientific research on their homelands, studying species and foods important to Native people, and seeking solutions to environmental and public health problems, practicing the “science of place.”

24-2 Winter 2012 “The Future of the Tribal College Movement” Table of Contents

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With the publication of this issue, Tribal College Journal begins a year of celebrating the 40th anniversary of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC). It is an important time to pay respect to all of those who have led the way to this moment in history.