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28-1: “Volunteerism” Table of Contents

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At tribal colleges and universities, students, faculty, and staff have deep connections to their local communities, inspiring them to work toward their improvement. This fall issue of Tribal College Journal explores the spirit of volunteerism as it is manifested in a variety of programs, initiatives, and campaigns.

27-4: “Good Medicine” Table of Contents

May 1st, 2016 | | Comments Off on 27-4: “Good Medicine” Table of Contents

Features Rx for Indian Country: Tribal College Education By Dina Horwedel Tribal colleges and universities are working in their communities to identify factors that negatively impact health and are training the next generation of healthcare workers to deal with them. And they are making a difference—not just in the lives of their students, but in (more)

27-3: “The Trials of Teacher Education” Table of Contents

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Features Struggle and Success: The State of Teacher Education at Tribal Colleges and Universities By Carmelita Lamb Today, there are many challenges that teacher education programs at tribal colleges face, including enrollment, funding, accreditation, and licensure. But the incredible dedication and determination among TCU faculty and students will help them overcome these and other obstacles. (more)

27-2: “American Indian Law” Table of Contents

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Features The Growing Market for Indian Lawyering By Matthew L.M. Fletcher American Indians are sorely underrepresented in the legal profession. But there is a greater need for more Native attorneys now than ever. By offering lay advocate, paralegal, or pre-law programs, TCUs can make a major difference. Producing a Tribal Citizenry Literate in Law and (more)

27-1: “Tribal College Communities” Table of Contents

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Features Engaging Life: TCUs and their Role Building Community By Cheryl Crazy Bull The tribal college founders sought to establish institutions rooted in place, extending beyond academic and workforce education. They dreamed of colleges and universities that served as centers of tribal and community life. In this feature article, the president and CEO of the (more)

26-4: “Tribal College Governance” Table of Contents

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Tribal colleges were founded to serve Native communities and offer a culturally relevant education. For accreditation and articulation purposes, however, TCUs have had to adopt Western forms of governance. Discover how TCUs are assuming greater sovereignty over their administration, organization, and structure—and how TCU leaders are incorporating traditional modes of leadership.

26-3: “Global Indigenous Higher Education” Table of Contents

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Features On a Dream and a Prayer: The Promise of World Indigenous Higher Education By Bradley Shreve Today, Indigenous peoples worldwide are coming together to assert greater self-determination in higher education. The movement is built on shared experiences and underscores the importance of Indigenous ways of knowing. From Montana to Brazil: Sparking an International Indigenous (more)

26-2: “Workforce Development” Table of Contents

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Features Creating Pathways to a Better Life: How Four Tribal Colleges Are Training Skilled Workers to Meet Regional Needs By Jerry Worley With the tremendous job growth and economic boom on the Northern Plains, tribal colleges in Montana and North Dakota are initiating new innovative programs to address the  Training for Tomorrow: Developing a Native (more)

26-1: “Celebrating 25 Years” Table of Contents

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Features Origin Story: The Genesis of Tribal College Journal By Paul Boyer TCJ founder and former editor, Paul Boyer, looks back at the origins of the journal and the tribal college movement, meditating on how youthful exuberance—and naivety—are often essential ingredients for action. Launching Lives of Service: We Honor 25 Outstanding Tribal College Alumni By (more)

25-4: “Nation Building” Table of Contents

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Nation building is a multi-faceted process in which tribal colleges and universities are increasingly playing an important role. Discover how TCUs have devised strategies and programs that strengthen and expand the economic, political, and social foundations of the First Nations.