Fall 2001 TCJ Student Edition

An annual publication of Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education. Both the journal and this student issue are published by the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, an organization of the 33 tribally-controlled colleges in the United States and Canada.

© Copyright 2001 by Tribal College Journal

Guest editor: Sally Hubbard is a freelance editor and poet in Cortez, Colo., and a former associate editor of Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 at Rice University. She has edited the student edition for five years.

Introduction: Students in touch with the old ways By Jim Northrup
Crying and Looking Back: Somewhere in the Desert Southwest By Liz Hopkins
Caught By Cordell Sun Bear
I Believe By Cindy Weaver
Twenty Sisters By Mindy Jones-Ruby
Wounded Knee By Kristie Menard
G.P.S. By Joseph Gray
My Mother Mommy: Ninaamaay Momye By Damita Tracy Fedyn
Crazy Horse Monument 2000 By Sammie Bordeaux
Breathe By Yana Reid
Haiku By Anna Martineau Merritt
Cairns in the Sand By Gary Dorr
Don't Be Afraid to Dream By Joyce & Didier DuPont-Little WhiteMan
The Drink By Joye M. Le Beau
Forty Minutes By Jeremy Kantonen
I Come From By Mary Black Bonnet
Alcoholism By Ginger Gillian
I Remember By Christy Davis
The Christmas Gifts By Don Garcia
A Daughter By Amber Finley
Racism By Kamie J. Houle
Called to the Drum! By Kevin Lossiah

SKC GIRL WITH SUNGLASSESON THE COVER: Deborah McDonald (Blackfeet) is majoring in Native American Studies at Salish Kootenai College while actively pursuing her interest in photography. After being away at school in California studying, she returned to the Blackfeet Reservation and began studying the Blackfeet language, philosophy, and art. She talked with many elders and participated in many ceremonies to honor the Grandfathers.