Spring/Summer 1998 TCJ Student Edition

SPRING-SUMMER 1998 TCJ STUDENT EDITIONA publication of Tribal College: Journal of American Indian Higher Education, Marjane Ambler, editor. Both the Journal and this student issue are published by the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, an organization of the 31 tribally controlled colleges in the United States and Canada. Tribal College Student is distributed to students at the AIHEC member colleges.

© Copyright 1998 by Tribal College: Journal of American Indian Higher Education

Guest Editor: Sally Hubbard is a freelance editor and poet in Cortez, Colorado, and a former associate editor of Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 at Rice University.

Cover art by John H. Beheler, whose Yankton Dakota name is Mahed Wayanka or "Looks Within." Beheler is a teacher, artist, dancer, and a small entrepreneur. Presently he is the Cultural Arts Program Resource Development Director at United Tribes Technical College. He received his masters degree in management fom the University of Mary.

Introduction By James Welch
She is a Daughter By Tvli Jacob
It's All Good By Mary Shakespeare
We Real Cool, Too By Carroll Howling Wolf
Sovereign By Robert Allen
Old Man's Son's Vision Quest By James Glaze
A Feather By Frank Plaited Hair
These Things and More By Melanie Cesspooch
The Beauty Land By Esther Christine Humphrey
Spirit of the Wild Horse By Rebecca Bird
Creative Artistry By Aileen Fox-Plant
Tragic Fire By Suy a pum Atatway Speedis
Reservation War Parties By Jonathan Garfield
In Search of Courage By Kevin Crawford
Never Too Late By Lisa Swinney
The Spirit of a Wolf By John Lonewolf Salcido
What I Intend to Do with My Education By Tanya Walter
Creative Artistry By Jennifer Frasch and Angela Hoover
What I Intend to Do with My Education By Tachini Tia Pete
What I Intend to Do with My Education By Nichole McClure
The Indian Student Placement Program: A Form of Relocation By Ardith Morrow
Millie By Jody Ann Barnes
The Infamous "Aye!" in Indian Country By Vonnie Jo Alberts
Heroes By Ruth Hopkins