Spring/Summer 1997 TCJ Student Edition

FALL 2010 TCJ STUDENT EDITIONA publication of Tribal College: Journal of American Indian Higher Education, Marjane Ambler, editor. Both the Journal and this student issue are published by the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, an organization of the 31 tribally controlled colleges in the United States and Canada. Tribal College Student is distributed to students at the AIHEC member colleges.

© Copyright 1997 by Tribal College: Journal of American Indian Higher Education

Guest Editor: Sally Hubbard is a freelance editor and poet in Cortez, Colorado, and a former associate editor of Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 at Rice University.

Cover art by Amado M. Pena, Jr.
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Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
©Amado M. Pena, Jr.

A Passion for Writing By Marjane Ambler
Winds of Breath Blow By Cheryl Blood-Rides at the Door
The Black Sea's Water Tastes Like Tears By Shanna Estigoy
The Big Meeting By Virgil Chase (Ma-E-Bah, Good-ash)
Superficial Wounds By Henry Etcitty
Live Fast, Love Hard, and Die Young By Shirley Ellsworth
Rebirth of Day By Michelle Vernon
The Braid By Ronya J. Hoblit
Hands By Kathy Birdsbill
I am Worthy By Donette White Bear
Grandmother's Words By Rhonda Quagon
Laundry Day By Cindy Heart
Smudging By Winona St. Claire
Growing Up By Twyla Baker
In the House of a Raven By Tony L. Rowe
Crow Boy and the Magic Feather By Michelle Rose Judy