FALL 2009 TCJ STUDENT EDITIONFall 2009 TCJ Student Edition

TCJ Student is an annual publication of Tribal College Journal. Both the journal and this student issue are published by the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, an organization of the 37 tribally controlled colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.

© Copyright 2009 by Tribal College Journal

Student Edition editor: Esther Belin (Diné), a writer and two-dimensional artist, teaches in the Writing Program at Fort Lewis College. In 2000, she won the American Book Award for her first book of poetry, From the Belly of My Beauty. She lives in Durango, CO with her four daughters and husband.

ON THE COVER: HORSES OF BEADS, STONES, AND SHELL. This necklace was designed by artist Craig Kelly (Diné) when he was a student at the Institute of American Indian Arts; he is now an alumnus. The jeweler creates 3-D work out of mixed media. Courtesy photo.

Introduction By Joseph M. Marshall, III
Wakarusa By Ruth Laws McLain
Grandma By Laura Loyd
The Flaming Chicken By Winston Cambridge
Ode to the Rocket By Winston Cambridge
Beloved Stomp Dance By Tricia Fields
St. Norbert Swam in the Mill Pond By Justin Gauthier
Transformations By Merissa Storey
Equator By Ross D. Luther
My Battle Wound By Desirae Grignon
These are Fancy Times By Clifford Stone, Jr.
Hesitation By Ruth Laws McLain
Coffee Break By Sydney Ice
On a Winter’s Day By Dave Madden
Julia By Michael Grant Allen
Novelty By Amanda Irvine-Louie
Healing Dance By Guy Reiter
Dream Quest By Alrick Wadena
Bro‚ Where’s My Wallet? By Ross D. Luther
A Silent Journey By Kathryn Aspaas
Addiction By Melanie Howick Erickson
Keep It Simple Stupid By Damien Moore
Kaekoh Weskiwat By Guy Reiter