FALL 2009 TCJ STUDENT EDITIONFall 2008 TCJ Student Edition

TCJ Student is an annual publication of Tribal College Journal. Both the journal and this student issue are published by the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, an organization of the 37 tribally controlled colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.

© Copyright 2008 by Tribal College Journal

Student Edition editor: Esther Belin (Diné) is a poet, a multimedia artist, and an educator. She is a graduate of the University of California-Berkeley and the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM. She received the 2000 American Book Award for her first volume of poetry From the Belly of My Beauty. She lives in Durango, CO, with her husband and four daughters.

ON THE COVER: “Osunkanlyuza” (The choice) by Sabrina Lynn Hodges (Delaware/Lakota/Irish) who is a senior majoring in Lakota Studies, Agriculture, and Natural Resources at Oglala Lakota College. Hodges uses beadwork, painting, and quillwork to express herself. Hodges’ pictorial beadwork, shown here, was displayed at the 2008 AIHEC Conference Art Show in Bismarck, ND. Photo by Tina Deschenie.

Introduction By Elizabeth Cook-Lynn
Black Jack and Coal Dust By Kenneth M. Taylor
I am Kinnikinnick By Amanda Irvine-Louie
My Rez Car By Andrea Goodwin
The Biscuit Brothers Go Fishing By Larry D. Madden, Jr.
My Big Sky By DeAnna L. Sosa
"Venison" Vyron By Shane Dixon, Sr.
Trotter's Trade By Nate Arbuckle
Hunting on the Reservation By Gerald “Joe” Kirkish
Hail to the Grape Soda By Gerri L. Williams
Courageous Youth By Portia Koebach
Waiting for Spring By Melanie Howick Erickson
Elements of a Piast (Social dance of the Tohono O’odham) By Amy R. Juan
Here’s to Cruisin’ the Rez By Rayleene R. Elliott
The North Woods By Timothy J. Hearson
The Path We Will Walk By Thomas Conine
Soft Talker the Dawn Bearer By Kyerin Bennett
Lorraine By Sharris Neary
A Road Less Traveled By Daniel Eli “Zeke” Gazelka
The Persistence of Life By Patrick Freeland
Baa áłchini ya áhólyáa By Laura Lee Yazzie
Resonance By Heather Snell
The Drive Home By Michael Morningstar
One Morning in Early September by Karen Little Thunder
Just About a “Half Breed” By Kathryn Roper
The Gift of Life: Friendship By Sheena Begay
Finding Family By Christina Adam
Conflict in the Sand: Operation Desert Storm By Jason Young
Kingdom of Heaven By Micki Lindeman
I Had to Change My Life! By Royce Collins
Boozhoo, Anishinabedog By Marjorie Eagleman