Fall 2012 TCJ Student Edition


TCJ Student is an annual publication of Tribal College Journal. Both the journal and this student issue are published by the American Indian Higher Education Consortium, an organization of the 38 tribally controlled colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.

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TCJ Student’s guest editor: Mariana Kiona Harvey is a member of the Yakama Nation and grew up in Seattle, WA. She began interning with Tribal College Journal while attending Fort Lewis College in 2008, where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in American Indian Studies. She returned to TCJ to work on special projects. She is passionate about singing, cooking, and creating positive impacts on the community around with the support from her fellowship with the Native Youth Leadership Alliance.

ON THE COVER: As a Tlingit Athabascan artist, Crystal Kaakeeyáa Worl Demientieff makes art because she want to remind those who have left home that we come from a special place. Her family and community have guided her to learn, work, and live for her community. Her practice in storytelling and art comes from the values and lessons of the Tlingit people and her family. As a Tlingit artist, it is her responsibility to pass on her ancestral knowledge and values to future generations through art and storytelling.

Crystal is Raven moiety, Sockeye Clan, from the Raven House. She is a child of a Thunderbird and from the Chilkat region in Southeast Alaska. From her mother’s side, she is Deg Hit’an Athabascan from Fairbanks, AK. Born February 1988 and raised between Fairbanks and Juneau, she was introduced at a young age to her traditional arts, practices, and storytelling. Today she is a senior in both Studio Arts and Moving Images at the Institute of American Indian Arts. In April, she earned her title as the IAIA Ambassador of 2011-2012.

“Raven Looking” is a section of the larger painting “Ravens Looking at the Sun.”

The Transformative Power of Writing By Gordon Henry
We All Look Alike By Jamie Figueroa
Thunder and Lightning By Jennifer Whitewolf
Of Hand Blooming By Monty J. Little
A Collection for My Mother and Father By Katrina Montoya
The Blanket By Jayni Anderson
So She Took the Sun with Her By Delores Tourtillott-Grignon
Golden Arches and Indian Tacos By Katrina Montoya
Letter to June 2032 By A.M. Nelson
Red Fox By Loga Fixico
Where the Ancestors Cried By Stephanie A. Fisher
Mix Tape Singing My Tunes By Beatresea Kien
The Bike By Chasity Ann Vigil
The Whisper By Jayni Anderson
Intersections on the Journey to Higher Learning By Chad J. Reynolds
Smoke Signals By Elizabeth Sam
I Am Made of Cardboard By A.M. Nelson
Daisy By Loga Fixico
Statistically Speaking By Millicent M. Pepion
Gallery of Artwork By Crystal Kaakeeyaa Worl Demientieff and Burdette Birdinground