Hene’enovohostotse (Learning)

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By Richard Littlebear, Ed.D.

By Richard Littlebear
International learning experiences can be immensely rewarding for tribal college students. TCJ PAID CONTENT

“Being a Fed”

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By John Gritts

John Gritts reflects on the importance of community among the tribal colleges and reflects on his years of experience working for the U.S. Department of Education. TCJ PAID CONTENT

A Tribal Higher Education Commission for the 21st Century

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By Paul Willeto

I begin by asking: are the idealism and values of the Red Power movement as relevant today as they were in the late 1960s and 1970s? The answer is yes. TCJ PAID CONTENT

We Are What We Eat: The AIHEC Student Congress and Food Sovereignty

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By Jamelyn Ebelacker

Every year, the newly elected officers of the AIHEC Student Congress (ASC) develop and adopt initiatives to focus their efforts throughout their term. The current ASC has decided to uphold this tradition by tackling an issue that directly affects every Native community and campus nationwide and abroad—food sovereignty. TCJ PAID CONTENT

The Suppression of Voting Rights in Indian Country

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By Thomas Shortbull

Oglala Lakota College president Thomas Shortbull (Lakota) reflects on the suppression of voting rights in Indian Country. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Words Are Mightier Than Colonialism

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By Ryan Winn

College of Menominee Nation professor Ryan Winn writes on the importance of taking a stand against persistent misconceptions and stereotypes.TCJ PAID CONTENT

Wild Rice and the Anishinaabe Scientist

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By Michael Wassegijig Price

Michael Price believes in the importance of integrating science with Indigenous knowledge and cultural values. This creates the correct path for today’s generation, where technology can be used to sustain sacred ways and the integrity of tribal lands. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Journey to Dinétah

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By Bradley Shreve

A field trip for faculty members at Diné College serves an important role in advancing the college’s mission and approach to student learning. TCJ PAID CONTENT

The Indian Value of Planning and Saving for the Future

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By Richard B. Williams

We must learn from the lessons of our ancestors how to take care of resources so that seven generations from now, our descendants will have the opportunity to receive a good education in a good way. TCJ PAID CONTENT

To speak in a clear voice

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“When I was in elementary school the kids made fun of me because of my long braids. But I said nothing. I waited to speak. Because when I spoke, I knew it must be in a clear voice,” says Sean Chandler. Chandler (A’aniinen) has waited more than 20 years to speak about such struggles, about such thoughts. TCJ PAID CONTENT