Makwa, Trevor Moeke: A Maori Leader on the World Stage

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By Tom Davis

A Maori leader on the world stage, Trevor Moeke brings optimism and energy to global Indigenous higher education. TCJ PAID CONTENT

A Student for Life: Kevin Red Star

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By Daniel Gibson

A graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts, Kevin Red Star has helped shape modern Native art. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Sherry Red Owl, Stands at Dawn Woman

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By Cheryl Crazy Bull

Anpo Inajin Win—Stands at Dawn Woman—is a fitting name for Sherry Red Owl. She greets each day as a new opportunity and has spent her life working at new things. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Miranda Haskie: Preserving Living History at Diné College

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By Bradley Shreve

Dr. Miranda Haskie embarked on a five-year journey, travelling to the farthest corners of Diné Bikéyah—the Navajo homeland—to interview and record for posterity the knowledge, lessons, and wisdom of World War II code talkers and other elders. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Community, Research, and Health: The Work of William Freeman

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By Barbara Ellen Sorensen

William Freeman is well-known in Indian circles. Though non-Native, he has spent all of his adult life advocating for better healthcare for American Indians. His impact on behavioral health at tribal colleges and universities (TCUs) has been broad and remarkably effective. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Louis Soop and Language Restoration at Red Crow Community College

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By Mary Weasel Fat

Longtime Red Crow Community College language instructor Louis Soop binds culture, language together. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Staying Connected with Ilisagvik College President Pearl Brower

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Ilisagvik College President Pearl Brower (Iñupiat) is used to the long, dark, cold winters at the nation’s northernmost tribal college—just north of the Arctic Circle. Brower was born and raised in Barrow on the North Slope of Alaska. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Stepping Up

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Incoming AIHEC Student Congress President Alli Moran has her focus on breaking down barriers and strengthening connections.TCJ PAID CONTENT

Learning to Lead

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Outgoing AIHEC Student Congress President Burdette Birdinground talks about learning to be a leader and what lies ahead for him. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Mindful of the Past, Yarlott Leads with an Eye to the Future

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By Heidi M. Sherick

Excerpts from an interview with Little Big Horn College President David Yarlott on ethical leadership. TCJ PAID CONTENT