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Extra Indians

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By Eric Gansworth Milkweed Press (2010) Review by Ryan Winn Eric Gansworth’s fourth novel, Extra Indians, opens with Vietnam veteranturned- truck driver, Tommy Jack McMorsey, and his ill-fated attempt to help a misguided Japanese tourist survive her quest to find the lost treasure of the film, Fargo. The consequences of Tommy Jack’s helpfulness lead to (more)

Tradition and Culture in the Millennium: Tribal Colleges and Universities

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Edited by Linda Sue Warner and Gerald E. Gipp Information Age Publishing (2009) Review by Michael W. Simpson When speaking before classes or other groups, I always try to include something about one of the most incredible developments in my lifetime: the creation and growth of tribal colleges and universities (TCUs). Higher education history books (more)

The State of the Native Nations: Conditions under U.S. Policies of Self-Determination

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By the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development Oxford University Press (2008) Review by Bradley Shreve For those of us who are instructors and academics of Native history and/or Native Studies, our job is to remain abreast of new scholarship and studies in our field. The Harvard Project’s new book, The State of the (more)

Navajo Courts and Navajo Common Law: A Tradition of Tribal Self-Governance

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By Raymond D. Austin University of Minnesota Press (2009) Review by Michael W. Simpson This review is necessarily personal. I went to law school with the hope I might help people like me – poor in material wealth but hardworking. Unfortunately, I discovered a legal system that protects the privileged even as it sometimes allowed (more)


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Written, edited and produced by J. Carlos Peinado & Daphne D. Ross Directed by J. Carlos Peinado VisionMaker Video (2006) 57 minutes Review by Ryan Tafoya In 1953, when the U.S. government built the Garrison Dam on the Missouri River in central North Dakota, it wiped out the town of Independence. And if you were (more)

Bringing Memory Forward: Storied Remembrance in Social Justice Education with Teachers

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By Teresa Strong-Wilson Peter Lang Publishing (2008) Review by Michael W. Simpson Research shows that white teachers are the most resistant learners when it comes to challenging white privilege and power. Indeed, within our schools, we have been offering new curricula without achieving much actual change. So, how will white teachers ever change? Bringing Memory (more)

Reel Injun: On the Trail of the Hollywood Indian

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Directed by Neil Diamond Rezolution Pictures, National Film Board of Canada (2009) 85 minutes Review by Kurt Umbhau In the film, Reel Injun, filmmaker Neil Diamond (Cree) drives his rez car on a cross-country tour researching the origins and evolution of how American Indians are depicted in Hollywood films. The documentary includes several clips from (more)

Patterns of Exchange: Navajo Weavers and Traders

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By Teresa J. Wilkins University of Oklahoma Press (2008) Review by Deborah Kelley-Galin Teresa J. Wilkins’s Patterns of Exchange: Navajo Weavers and Traders reconciles the “inherently biased” Euro-American historical perspective with the traditional knowledge of the Navajo people. She offers a meticulously researched account of how longestablished patterns of Native American trade were manipulated, first (more)

March Point

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A Native Lens film by Longhouse Media (2008), 56 minutes Directed by Annie Silverstein, Tracy Rector (Seminole), Cody Cayou (Swinomish), Nick Clark (Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde), and Travis Tom (Swinomish/Lummi). Review by Janet Freeman The strength of March Point lies in the fact it’s impossible to decide which is more gripping: witnessing a resurrection (more)

William Wayne Red Hat, Jr.: Cheyenne Keeper of the Arrows

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By William Wayne Red Hat, Jr. Edited by Sibylle M. Schlesier University of Oklahoma Press (2008) Review by Eleanor Kuhl This thoughtful, 156-page book features the personal testimony of a Cheyenne spiritual leader whose most urgent concern is the perpetuation of his tribe’s cultural identity. In his various narratives, Bill Red Hat, Jr., speaks about (more)