Advice for Educators

Supporting Non-Native Faculty Members

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By Sharon Fredericks

Dissertation research on non-native faculty at tribal colleges identifies ways administrators can offer support.

Unifying the College and the Community through Literature

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By Ryan Winn

Grant-funded literary discussion project brings students, college employees, and community members together to discuss shared challenges of preserving American Indian identity in a society of cultural assimilation.

My Cherokee Grandmother’s “First Fire Story”

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By Pamela Tambornino

Haskell Indian National University instructor shares her students’ reactions to her grandmother’s “First Fire Story.”

Haskell Librarian Tackled Challenges with Creativity

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By Pamela Tambornino

Library director tapped many resources to update materials and create an inviting, accessible place for Haskell students.

Medaling in Education: Elder of the Year Teaches TCU Students to Walk on Both Sides

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By Luella N. Brien

Joseph Medicine Crow inspires students with his groundbreaking achievements and service as a Little Big Horn College adjunct instructor and lifelong educator.

Why NDNs Write

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By Mary Henson

These Native authors write to set the record straight, to change the images that have stereotyped Indians for centuries.

Art Institute Nurtures New Generation of Leaders

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By Ann Filemyr, Ph.D.

Last year at the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA), President Robert Martin (Cherokee) led the faculty, staff, students, alumni, board members, and donors though a strategic planning process that resulted in a number of important new directions.

‘We Are All Composed Of Stardust’: Haskell experiment empowers learning

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By Lorene Williams

During the spring semester of 2008 four Haskell Indian Nations University faculty members linked their curriculums
to facilitate an integrated initiative. They decided that Haskell – a university serving diverse American Indian and Alaskan
Native tribes – was the ideal place for holistic learning.

Understanding of Sovereignty and Identity Improved by Learning with Cases

Nov 15th, 2008 | By | No Comments »
By Barbara Leigh Smith

Case study teaching method deepened student understanding and developed skills in problem solving, working in teams, and dealing with issues that do not have easy answers. Case development also fostered good communication between tribal leaders and faculty and provided an avenue to develop curriculum addressing important community issues.

From Turtle Mountains to the Badlands: Learning to Teach Native Ways of Knowing

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By Tibi Marin and Carmelita Lamb

Native Ways of Knowing training program gives pre-service teachers new perspective on integrating Native and Western science into a high school curriculum.