Red Lake Nation College Opens New Campus

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After five years of planning, negotiating, and building, Red Lake Nation College’s (RLNC) new campus is open. The $21.4 million college and governmental center is situated on the southern shore of Red Lake and features state-state-of-the-art facilities and awe-inspiring architecture. The new campus underscore’s Red Lake Nation’s commitment to education and investing in the future. (more)

27-1 Fall 2015 “Tribal College Communities” Resource Guide

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By Cheryl Crazy Bull

Editor’s Note: Below is a brief guide to accessible resources, which researchers may use as a starting point for further inquiry on tribal college communities. Cheryl Crazy Bull compiled this guide from a more exhaustive list which she and the American Indian College Fund often consult. American Indian College Fund. (2012). Woksape Oyate: Reports of (more)

Diné College Adds New Certificate Programs

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By Lori Tapahonso

Diné College has unveiled two new certificate programs for students who want training without the multi-year commitment of a traditional degree program.  Students can now enroll in the Navajo Cultural Arts Certificate Program and will have the option of enrolling in the Digital Arts Certificate Program this spring. Navajo Cultural Arts will enhance and revitalize (more)

Literacy and Intellectual Life in the Cherokee Nation, 1820–1906

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By James W. Parins
University of Oklahoma Press (2013)
276 pages
Review by Herman A. Peterson

Visions of Tiwanaku

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Edited by Alexei Vranich and Charles Stanish
Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press (2013)
245 pages
Review by Christine A. Hastorf

Our Fires Still Burn: The Native American Experience

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Directed by Audrey Geyer
Visions (2013)
57 minutes
Review by Ryan Winn

Imagining Geronimo: An Apache Icon in Popular Culture

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By William M. Clements
University of New Mexico Press (2013)
305 pages
Review by Edwin R. Sweeney

Survival Schools: The American Indian Movement and Community Education in the Twin Cities

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By Julie L. Davis
University of Minnesota Press (2013)
307 pages
Review by Bradley Shreve

A Prehistory of Western North America: The Impact of Uto-Aztecan Languages

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By David Leedom Shaul
University of New Mexico Press (2014)
377 pages
Review by Paul Gilon

Encounter on the Plains: Scandinavian Settlers and the Dispossession of Dakota Indians, 1890–1930

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By Karen V. Hansen
Oxford University Press (2013)
332 pages
Review by John Peacock