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Red Lake Nation College Opens New Campus

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After five years of planning, negotiating, and building, Red Lake Nation College’s (RLNC) new campus is open. The $21.4 million college and governmental center is situated on the southern shore of Red Lake and features state-state-of-the-art facilities and awe-inspiring architecture. The new campus underscore’s Red Lake Nation’s commitment to education and investing in the future. (more)

Federal Reserve launches Center for Indian Country Development –

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The center will look at everything from land issues to education, personal loans to private businesses, acting as a clearinghouse for a variety of issues and projects. It will convene a roundtable of experts who will occasionally meet. The Center for Indian Country Development will be codirected by Sue Woodrow, a bank employee who has (more)

Bravo and Thanks For Everything

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Dear Editor, I [want] to say how much I like the magazine; [I] usually read all of it, and am very impressed and also touched with the deepening emphasis on students and their impacts on their, and everybody’s communities. Also I have been pointed towards some pretty cool stuff by the book reviews, which I (more)

Tribal Colleges Should Focus On Sustainability

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Dear Editor, I’m not Native. I’d like to see the tribal colleges focus on sustainability—so critical now. The Native peoples have done more than any others to protect the Earth. I wish you’d all stand up and say “No” to the corporations, develop your own sustainable [models] start your own factories, find ways to be 100% (more)

AIM Linkage Highly Inaccurate

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Dear Editor, I write as a charter subscriber of TCJ and am a passionate mainstream supporter of the tribal college movement. Over these years, it’s been a joy to watch the development of the new colleges as they have struggled to grow into the vision of their founders and tribes. Their efforts, persistence, and success (more)

27-1: “Tribal College Communities” Table of Contents

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Features Engaging Life: TCUs and their Role Building Community By Cheryl Crazy Bull The tribal college founders sought to establish institutions rooted in place, extending beyond academic and workforce education. They dreamed of colleges and universities that served as centers of tribal and community life. In this feature article, the president and CEO of the (more)

WINU Plans for the Future, Honors Graduates

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At the recent World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium (WINHEC) meeting in Fort Frances, Ontario, delegates from around globe gathered to discuss the future of the World Indigenous Nations University (WINU). The university was established in 2013 and adopted its official constitution a year later at the annual WINHEC meeting in Hawai’i. The conference in (more)

Diné College to Provide College Credit for Newly Created Code Writers Education Initiative

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Diné College will participate in the Code Writers Education Initiative, a program that seeks to offer computer code-writing curriculum for students in kindergarten through high school and community college. In addition, the program seeks to employ technology like robotics and cyber security to attract and teach students about the exciting opportunities available through STEM (science, (more)

WINHEC Meets in Ontario for Annual Conference

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The World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium (WINHEC) met last week in Fort Frances, Ontario for the organization’s annual conference. Representatives from Indigenous institutions in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Alaska, Hawai’i, the mainland United States, and Samiland in northern Scandinavia gathered to discuss common educational strategies, instruction, research, and accreditation. Representatives also worked to refine (more)

Red Crow Destroyed by Fire

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A devastating fire swept through Red Crow Community College (RCCC) on the Blood Reserve in Cardston, Alberta, early Friday morning. The inferno left students, faculty, staff, administrators, and the entire Blood Reserve without a college, as the entire interior of the college was destroyed.  Only the brick edifice remained standing, a stark reminder of Friday’s (more)