It’s Good to Hear From Our Diverse Readership

Feb 15th, 2001 | By | Category: 12-3: How to Build a Dream
By Marjane Ambler, editor

Here at the foot of the La Plata Mountains in southwest Colorado it’s that snowy time of year when we like to curl up with a good book, magazine, or … your letters. We encourage you to write to us. Our readers are a fascinating bunch of people who live around the globe – Esfahan, Iran; Ethete, Wyo.; Moscow, Russia; Lame Deer, Mont.; Kautokeino, Norway; Rosebud, S.D.; and Shoumen, Bulgaria.

We heard recently from Iron Eyes Cody’s nephew who told us stories about his adventures as a stunt man in some of the old cowboy and Indian movies in which they both appeared. We frequently receive heart-felt letters from prisoners telling us about their resolve to start a new life, fortified by American Indian spirituality and asking for free information to help them in their quest. (We send them each a free sample copy and wish we could afford to send them each a subscription.)

Recently a reader wrote to tell us how upset she was because her address did not get changed due to a glitch in our normally efficient fulfillment system. The same day, however, we received a letter saying how the issue on land would be very useful to a tribal college science instructor as she develops courses.

We always enjoy getting your feedback about our design, distribution, or content, even when you are critical. We suspect that you will have many thoughts when you read this issue, which you might find especially provocative. Perhaps you feel, as Dr. Steven Semken felt last issue, that our resource guide omitted some significant resources? Do you like or dislike the new vertical flag, TCJ, on the front cover? Do you have your own suggestions for how individuals can reach out to help tribal colleges other than those discussed in this issue? Have you found that Dr. Wayne Stein’s ideas for building community support apply to your own community project, too?

Please feel free to send us a letter or an email with your thoughts. (Be sure to tell us if you do not want your letter published.) Write to Editor, P.O. Box 720, Mancos CO 81328 or email <>.

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