Will the Time Ever Come? A Tlingit Source Book

Nov 15th, 2001 | By | Category: 13-2: The Power of Partnerships, Media Reviews

Edited by Andrew Hope III and Thomas F. Thornton
Alaska Native Knowledge Network, 2000
159 pages

Review by Gretchen Healy

The Tlingit once occupied a vast area, the coast of southeastern Alaska from Mount St. Elias to the Portland Canal. They organized a clan conference (as it is known informally) in 1993, which brought together scholars of their language, history, and culture to exchange information and develop an agenda for future research. The book is a record of the conference proceedings. It adds an important voice to our understanding of Tlingit history and traditions.

Some articles are written for Tlingit people and are of limited interest for most outsiders, but several others on Tlingit history contain moments of high drama. The Kiks.a’di Survival March of 1804 is one. After their resounding defeat of the Russians in the Battle of Sitka in 1802, the Tlingit wisely decided to vacate the area, knowing the Russians would be back bringing reinforcements. The story of their survival march through difficult terrain and bad weather is engaging and heroic.

Gretchen Healy is library director at Little Priest Tribal College in Winnebago, NE. She is working toward a Master of Arts in School Library Media Studies at the University of Northern Iowa.

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