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Aug 15th, 2001 | By | Category: 13-1: Honoring Our Students & Alumni
By Marjane Ambler, editor

We have dispensed with some of our regular departments to present you with a gift, our annual Tribal College Student edition. In the past, we have been gratified by readers’ response to the students’ poetry, short stories, and essays. One reader who gets the journal because he donates to the American Indian College Fund said, “Reading about their efforts is a great source of inspiration, satisfaction, and pride — in the students and in myself for taking a special interest in their educational endeavors.” Another said, “It’s good to hear directly from a few of the students who attend the tribal colleges. Connects the college programs we’ve read about with the real people who attend them.”

Our students usually live far from the networks that help other young people launch careers in publishing. What they lack in connections they make up for in life experiences. While other students might be preoccupied with political polemics and flirtations, these write from the depths of historical and personal grief. They delve into the delights of watching a child grow and basking in the love of an extended family.

This year we received entries from 68 students at 18 tribal colleges, by far the best response ever. In fact, several fine entries could not be accepted due to lack of space. We hope to be able to raise the money for a bigger publication if the enthusiasm continues.

Thanks to Anna Fellegy and Candi Broeffle from the AIHEC Conference committee for helping us to publicize the competition, to Sally Hubbard for helping to make the selections, and to all the tribal college instructors who encouraged their students to enter.

We heard from students overjoyed to be published. One said her entire class congratulated her. We believe their voices deserve to be heard by our readers and deserve the attention of other publishers.

Call for alumni

This issue focuses upon both students and alumni. In our next issue, we plan to launch an alumni news page, which will be included in every issue if there is enough response. We invite tribal college and tribal university alumni to submit two paragraph updates on their achievements, promotions, awards, etc. and photographs, if available. This new department will give alumni an opportunity to share news with one another. Write to “Alumni Department” at P.O. Box 720, Mancos CO 81328 or email <>.

Kudos and thanks to:

  • Irma R. Davis, who bequeathed a gift for the Tribal College Journal to continue our work publicizing the tribal colleges. Born in Bavaria, Davis became a well-known painter of birds and animals when she moved to this country, and she supported several American Indian causes.
  • Rev. Rocci Roccatoni, who received our recent direct mail letter and sent us the names of 17 of his acquaintances who also might be interested in TCJ.
  • Wieden & Kennedy was awarded the grand prize by The Magazine Publishers of America for their “Alta Vista–smart is beautiful” campaign. For the past 11 years, Wieden & Kennedy has been creating the public service advertisements for the American Indian College Fund.

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