Packard Scholarships Benefit Fort Belknap

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The David & Lucile Packard Foundation is one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the United States, and it is having an important impact on tribal colleges. In 1996, the foundation began the Tribal Scholars Program, which provides scholarships to outstanding tribal college students. Through this program, tribal college graduates who are transferring into bachelor degree science programs at four-year institutions are eligible to receive $10,000. To date, 13 Fort Belknap College graduates have received these prestigious and highly competitive awards. This year, four of the 15 tribal scholars selected from all tribal colleges across the nation are students at Fort Belknap College.

Suzanne Doney Cochran is in the allied health associate of science program and is transferring to Montana State University-Northern in the nursing program in the fall of 2001. Suzanne is married to Roy Cochran, and they have two children. Suzanne is an LPN with the Fort Belknap Indian Health Service. She has attended Fort Belknap College part-time and has worked full-time, dedicating herself to her family, home, education, and work.

Wendy Hopkins has an associate degree in allied health. Wendy has pursued this degree with steely determination, completing this degree in five quarters. She has averaged 22 credits per quarter. This is quite an accomplishment for a full-time mother who commutes. Wendy is married and has two children. She transferred to the nursing program at Montana State University-Northern in the fall of 2001.

Neil Rock is completing an associate degree in allied health. Neil served in the United States Navy for two years and came to Fort Belknap College after his tour. Neil is transferring to Montana State University in Bozeman, MT. He will be majoring in biological science and also be pursuing an education in medicine.

Dean Snow received an associate of science degree in allied health in June 2001. He is enrolled in the pre-med program at Montana State University in Bozeman. He plans to complete his degree in the health field as a family practitioner. Dean has an infant son, Darrien.

Funds from the Packard Foundation have provided valuable assistance to Fort Belknap College and its students over the past seven years, according to Scott Friskics.

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