Sec. Paige Meets Tribal College Presidents

May 15th, 2002 | By | Category: 13-4: The Many Faces of Leadership, Tribal College News

AIHEC Executive Director Dr. Gerald Gipp (left) and Dr. James Shanley (right) presented Sec. Rod Paige with a Pendleton blanket.

Tribal college presidents met with Secretary of Education Rod Paige Feb. 11 to thank him for his support of the White House Initiative for Tribal Colleges and Universities (WHITCU). They presented him with an American Indian College Fund Pendleton wool blanket depicting the tree of life. “We serve a group of people many have forgotten. We believe the education of tribal college students is important to the tree of education,” said American Indian Higher Education Consortium President Dr. James Shanley. “In fact, we think it cannot grow without our students.”

Paige emphasized the administration’s commitment to tribal colleges, saying that President George W. Bush has proposed increasing funding for all minority institutions under Title 3 of the Higher Education Act. He said the administration also supports the American Indian Teacher Corps, a program to increase the number of Indian teachers. Paige, whose great, great grandfather was a Choctaw Indian, said he has elevated the WHITCU office within the department to make tribal colleges and universities a higher priority.

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