The Five Short Loves

Aug 15th, 2011 | By | Category: Student 2011
By Darcy Medicine Horse (Salish Kootenai College)

Blessing my face with kisses
Secret Kisses Hidden
Soul’s wings cover protect
Fall to the ground nine consecutive times
With my newfound strength You rise ten times again and again ‘til there is affirmation within
Ten times ten One hundred times I could hold you daily Still not feel it’s enough
. . . life

Flowing streams rivers I find your love
Newfound strength afraid to embrace Admit
1 into your being Hide me let me become your missing rib
A part of your bone
Backbone let me feed your hunger with my strength
Embrace once I embrace embrace my love for you
I’m able to stand tall carry both our weight In secret “Will you hold my hand?”

Why hide the secret of you and I?
Scared timid confident knowing LOVE
‘cause THEY are not ready for it
Soft warm potent afraid LOVE
‘cause YOU are not ready for it
Ideal conditional real fulfilled LOVE
‘cause I am not ready for it
So I take it, cup it in my hands. Hiding it.
I’ll save it for later and put it in my back pocket.

Secrets hush hush
Let me tell you a secret love
I’m in love with hush. . . sshh
No longer am I loving, in love with. . . hush
We hold each other’s hand in dark or where no one can see.
They wouldn’t know, understand this kind of happy
Happiness is dangerous
Can I trust you with this secret love?
In public, you wouldn’t understand
Neither would society’s gripping hand
Because this is unusual, a secretive kind of
Look close, and you’ll see their name is
Sshh. . . .

When we slept together
I dreamed your dreams
My head by your head
Didn’t steal your dreams
Just shared
One black strand then another
Intertwined, our hair
Breathe in, out
in, out
in, out
Breathing in your breath
I transfigured your breath
To be mine
Gentle sighs of you breathing as you
Breathing the same air,
At the same time.
Our breathing became one

WE became one.

Darcy Medicine Horse (Crow) grew up on the Crow Indian Reservation, and at age 16 he left for Oklahoma to attend an Indian boarding school. During his first year of college in North Carolina, he gained confidence in his writing and relocated back to Oklahoma. During the Symposium on the American Indian at Northeastern State University, he was invited to present a spoken word poem before introducing Joy Harjo. He also led the Native American Poets session at Northeastern. Once comfortable with his spoken word poetry, he became part of the Tulsa circle of spoken word poets.

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