Blanket Weaving in the Southwest

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BLANKET WEAVING COVERby Joe Ben Wheat, edited by Ann Lane Hedlund
University of Arizona Press (2003)
444 pages
ISBN 0-8165-2304-5
Hardcover $75.00

Review by Stephanie Owen

This book is a result of decades of exhaustive research on textiles, dye testing, and textile development from the early historic period to the late 19th century. It is written and researched by preeminent authority on Southwestern and Plains prehistory Joe Ben Wheat and edited by Ann Lane Hedlund, a renowned textile expert at the Center for Tapestry Studies.

This volume attempts to establish a classification scheme for Southwestern textile identification. Wheat looks at the various distinctive traits between Pueblo, Navajo, and Spanish American blanket-weaving traditions and includes over 200 images that illustrate those differences. There is abundant information on fibers, yarns, dyes, tools, and finishing techniques.

The book is worth owning for the valuable and detailed images alone. However, it is a “must” for those interested in textile history and research on either a scholarly or general level.

Stephanie Owen is the cataloging librarian at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe.

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