The New Warriors: Native American Leaders Since 1900

Feb 15th, 2006 | By | Category: 17-3: Heroes of Today, Media Reviews

Edited by R. David Edmunds
University of Nebraska Press (2001)
325 pages
ISBN 0-8032-6751-7 paper
ISBN 0-8032-1820-6 cloth

Review by Marjane Ambler

In the past, few publishers offered books about 20th or 21st century American Indian people and issues, leaving the impression that American Indians belonged only in museums. This book helps dispel that notion.

By focusing upon the lives of 14 individuals, Editor R. David Edmunds also gives readers a more accessible and intimate perspective on economic and political issues of the 20th century than typical texts on these subjects can provide.

The subjects range chronologically from Charles Curtis (Kaw, vice president of the United States 1928-1932) to contemporary people born in the 1940s, such as Dr. Janine Pease and Walter Echo-Hawk. Everyone profiled would be of great interest to students and faculty in history, economics, government, law, and other Native American Studies classes as well as to the general public.

A reader might quibble with a couple of Edmunds’ generalizations in the introduction, but most will applaud his choice of subjects and writers to address each subject. Everyone will learn something they did not know.

Marjane Ambler has been editor of Tribal College Journal since 1995.

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