The Seventh Generation: Native Students Speak About Finding the Good Path

Feb 15th, 2006 | By | Category: 17-3: Heroes of Today, Media Reviews

SEVENTH GENERATION COVERby Amy Bergstrom, Linda Miller Cleary, and Thomas D. Peacock
AEL (2003) – 196 pages
ISBN 1-880785-25-0 – $20.00

Review by Michael W. Simpson

This book first appeared on my radar when I asked about resources that contain the voices of American Indian students about their own education. The authors apparently learned the value of these voices from their prior book, Collected Wisdom.

Without student voices, there would indeed be no feelings to make us pay attention. I was struck by Quoetone’s story. He was more interested in learning than in schooling and thus ran into blocks to progress. His insight should cause us all to feel shame and ask what schooling is about.

Educators will appreciate discussion of identity development, resilience, good teaching, and indigenous ways of knowing. This book should be shared with students, future and current teachers of both Native students and others.

Michael W. Simpson, J.D. M.Ed., is a lawyer, educator, mediator, and social activist of mixed Euro-American Indian descent currently studying educational policy at the University of Wisconsin -Madison.

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