Uriah Two Two Honored As Hero by N. Cheyenne

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‘NOBLE’ CHEYENNE. At Uriah Two Two’s victory dance, the ceremonial smudges on his face, combined with his Army uniform, captivated photographer Gwendolen Cates (author of the photo book, Indian Country).

Look in the dictionary under the word “noble,” and you will find Sgt. Uriah Two Two. At least that is what Kathleen Beartusk tells people about her youngest son. Two Two is now in Iraq for a second tour with the 101st Airborne.

This troubles his mother. “I am definitely not looking forward to another year of anxiety, worry, sleeplessness, and fear of watching the news.” However, she says, “I know deep down in my heart that he is doing exactly what he’s wanted to do since he was 5 years old. Uriah is the epitome of what a soldier should be.”

Two Two received a hero’s welcome at the Billings Logan International Airport when he returned home after his first tour in Iraq in March 2004. He earned a Purple Heart for wounds he received when a roadside bomb went off. More than 150 people gathered.

In a traditional Northern Cheyenne ceremony at the airport, Two Two was blessed and cleansed by smoke from burning sweetgrass fanned by eagle feathers. A war bonnet was placed on Two Two, and he was wrapped in a red, white, and blue star quilt. Women’s high-pitched ululating pierced the air.

No one touched Two Two until the ceremony was conducted to remove the aftereffects of war, according to a report in the Billings Gazette.

Two Two and his wife have three small children with another on the way in May. His mother, Kathleen Beartusk, has worked at Chief Dull Knife College (CDKC, Lame Deer, MT) for 25 years. A graduate of CDKC, she has raised five children as a single mom. The children are sixth generation descendants of Chief Dull Knife.

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