Tséyí Deep in the Rock: Reflections on Canyon De Chelly

May 15th, 2006 | By | Category: 17-4: Reforming Our Schools, Native Style, Media Reviews

TSEYI COVERText by Laura Tohe and Photographs by Stephen E. Strom
The University of Arizona Press  (2005)
72 pages., 24 color plates – ISBN 0-8765-2371-1
Softcover,  $15.00

Review by Tina Deschenie

Count on returning to this Tséyí often. These photographs and poetry work beautifully together or apart to capture the essence of the canyon and the stories of Diné people.

In her introduction, Tohe says, “These poems evolved from the canyon’s voice – the stories in and around the rock walls, the sounds of animals and trees – and in the movements of light, wind, and water.”

The poems evoke stories and images of beauty, awe, terror, and fear.  The ruminations are profound, painting a sacred place of loss and love.

The photographs explore the timeless existence of Canyon de Chelly.  Whether a bird’s eye view of the canyon bottom or a close-up of a specific place in a canyon wall, they are captivating and compelling.

Any library collection will want this book, and it will appeal to readers who enjoy strong poetic voices and meditative photographs.

Tina Deschenie (Diné and Hopi) is a poet and educator who resides in Farmington, NM.

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