Non-Western Educational Traditions: Indigenous Approaches to Educational Thought and Practice (3rd ed.)

May 15th, 2006 | By | Category: 17-4: Reforming Our Schools, Native Style, Media Reviews

By Tim Reagan
Erlbaum, Lawrence & Associates (2005) – 308 pages
ISBN 0-8058-4857-6 – $34.50

Review by Michael W. Simpson

As someone suffering from the stress of the dominant culture’s non-holistic graduate education, I can appreciate Tim Reagan’s book.

The struggle in graduate education classes against cultural myopia sometimes leads to feelings of isolation. This book informs me I am not alone in my concern about an education system that weeds out the dreamers.

It provides an excellent discussion on ethnocentrism, culture, and knowledge. A new chapter 9 discusses Islam and traditional Muslim education. Chapters on African, Mesoamerican, North American Indian, Chinese, Hindu, and Buddhist education have been expanded. The book concludes with themes across indigenous systems and contains an incredible bibliography. This book should be required reading. May we all learn we are the other among others.

Michael W. Simpson, J.D., M.Ed., is a lawyer, educator, mediator, and social activist studying education policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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