Challenging Racism in Higher Education: Promoting Justice

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CHALLENGING RACISM COVERBy Mark Chesler, Amanda Lewis, and James Crowfoot.
Rowman & Littlefield (2005) – 333 pages
ISBN 0-7425-2457-4 (paperback), 0-7425-2456-6 (hardcover)
$29.95 paperback , $85.00 hardcover

Review by Michael W. Simpson


About this title, I suspect many would ask, “What racism?” In fact, when I raise the issue of white privilege, I get blank or confused looks from scholars. White is norm. Confusion is often followed by anger.

This book is a wonderful resource for academics, teachers, and administrators. The authors rely on a research and historical base and provide practical summaries. The citations should be useful for those needing more depth. The authors also point out areas of needed research.

Native American voices along with those of white people are included. This book recognizes that diversity and multicultural initiatives are not fruitful unless whites are also included within the scope of the terms and white privilege is examined.

The book recognizes the institutional nature of racism and offers solutions. It may help tribal college students understand predominantly white institutions and white students better.

Michael W. Simpson, J.D., M.Ed., is a lawyer, educator, mediator, and social activist studying education policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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