American Indian Higher Education Experiences: Cultural Visions and Personal Journeys

Nov 15th, 2009 | By | Category: 21-2: K-12 Education, Winter 2009, Media Reviews

By Terry Huffman
Peter Lang, New York (2008)

Review by Michael W. Simpson

American Indian Higher Education Experiences: Cultural Visions and Personal JourneysWithin American Indian Higher Education Experiences, the author examines the lives of 69 American Indian college students in predominantly non-Indian higher education institutions. Using in-depth interviews with American Indian college students, Terry Huffman seeks a better understanding of the personal encounters, dilemmas, strategies, and triumphs of Native students.

The concept of “cultural mask” is employed to explore how Native students engage in “an ongoing and deliberate process of managing and presenting their ethnic identity.” Huffman explores the masks of assimilated, marginalized, estranged, and transculturated students.

Huffman provides excellent researched literature reviews and discusses many theoretical frameworks. Through theory, scholars and practitioners can gain insights into the words and actions of students. This book offers practical guidance to assist students in navigating mainstream higher education.

This book should be part of every tribal college library and a foundational reading in education programs.

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