Donna Statzell of CMN Officiated at Olympics

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CURLING, ANYONE? Donna Statzell chills out on the ice after returning from Italy, where she officiated at the Olympics. Photo by Evan Siegle/Press Gazette

Donna Statzell traveled from the College of Menominee Nation (CMN, Keshena, WI) to Turin, Italy, in February to serve as an official at the Olympics. This was her second Olympics as an international technical official for curling.

Curling is a team sport played on ice. The Olympic medal sport originated in the 1500s on the lakes and ponds of northern Europe. The object of the game is for two teams of four players to slide 42-pound granite rocks down a sheet of ice, according to the website

The rocks are delivered toward the center of a 12-foot diameter target. Each player throws two rocks toward the target, alternating with the opponent. Rocks traveling down the ice have a tendency to curve or “curl,” hence the name curling.

“It was a wonderful experience to represent your country, to represent your sport, and to represent women officials,” Statzell says. She has officiated more than 50 championships at the state, national, and world level, including the last Olympics in Salt Lake City. Statzell is the only American curling official in her level. She has been involved in curling for 20 years and now plays in the Green Bay Curling Club.

Statzell is the director of institutional research at CMN. She has been involved in the tribal college movement since 1993, working first at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College (Cloquet, MN) and then at CMN beginning in 2000. At the 2006 American Indian Higher Education Consortium Conference, she served as the director of competitions.

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