18-3 Spring 2007 “Building Prosperity” Table of Contents

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Commitment to Building Prosperous Nations: Tribal colleges take aim against poverty
By Mark Fogarty
A focus on United Tribes Technical College, Salish Kootenai College, Sitting Bull College, and Leech Lake Tribal College, and how tribal colleges help tribal communities and the nation prosper with economic growth.

NWIC provides model for reporting on strategy
By Mark Fogarty
Job One in NWIC’s strategic plan is to build tribal prosperity; the college spells out exactly how it intends to develop its community.

The Native American Dream: Entrepreneurs pursue their passion and self sufficiency
By Sarah Dewees and Malcolm Macleod
Business, accounting, and entrepreneurship studies are supported by Johnson Scholarship Foundation through scholarships to tribal college students.


Dear Readers: TCU’s Play Vital Role in Building Prosperity
By Gerald E. Gipp

Editor’s Essay: Accelerating Native Prosperity Takes All of Us
By Tina Deschenie (Diné /Hopi)

Profile: Julian Manyhides
By MaryHudetz (Crow)

Talking Circle: Greek Statues and Vizenor Coexist In Humanities Course for Natives
By Lynne Crow (Kainai First Nation, Blackfoot Confederacy)

Voices: Tribal Sovereignty Beats Roulette For Building Tribal Wealth
by Dr. Paul Boyer

Resource Guide
By Trond Jacobsen

Tribal College News

Media Reviews
By Michael Simpson, Michael Thompson, Dr. Larry Emerson, Rachael Marchbanks, Tina Deschenie, and Laura Hawes

ON THE COVER: A Diné College classroom building at the Shiprock, NM satellite campus, the largest of the college’s satellites, is built like a fortress and mirrors the sacred Shiprock pinnacle, rising abruptly, extending toward the sky. The building won Weller Architects of Albuquerque, NM two awards: the NM AIA 2005 Design Honor Award and the 2005 Excellence in Concrete award. Photo credit: Thomas E. Coppedge of Weller Architects, P.C. who also designed the building. Cover design credit: Nakota Designs, Inc. designed the composite of photographs.

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