Twenty-Twenty Vision

Aug 15th, 2006 | By | Category: Student 2006
By Jimmy Lee Beason

I see kegs being smashed open
By the horns of a colossal red bull with a
Medicine wheel branded into his side
And the liquefied dreams of a
Million indigenous people overflowing
The streets and spilling into the curbside gutters
Flowing out into a crystal blue river
Containing dead imaginations and
The rotting corpses of our future selves

I see us pawning off our culture to
Non-Indians at some corporate sponsored
Powwow hoping enough dollar bills will
Be donated to the drum and tossed at the
Feet of the pretentious fancy dancers
So that we can buy the culture back in pieces
And drunkenly put it together again
At the sacred firewater ceremony of the
Forty-nine where weekend warriors and
Bud Light princesses speak in tongues

I see the history of this nation and how
The U.S. military caused the strategic
Devastation to our ancestors only to see
Thousands of Indian men and women join
This same army and cause the destruction
Of the civilian men, women, and children of
Another country in the Middle East in the name
Of phony freedom and false warriorhood

I see myself as a walking talking contradiction
As I will visit a forty-nine
Open the top off a bottle of liquid joy and sorrow
While contemplating a place in the U.S. military
Since I see no way out of my web of self-deceit

I just see it the way I think it is

Jimmy Lee Beason is also known as Pahuska among the Osage tribe. He is a junior at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS, majoring in the indigenous studies program. Beason is originally from Oklahoma City, OK, where he returns often, but he also lived in El Paso, TX, for eight years.

He enjoys writing poems and short stories for fun. He spends most of his time lingering on campus, talking with friends and family, and reading.

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