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A Day in Our Lives – Students of the Year reveal determination, heart, and spirit
By Patty Talahongva (Hopi/Tewa)
From the Southwest to the Upper Midwest, and the Rockies to the Northwest, students share glimpses into their life-shaping journeys.

Humility, Persistence, Dedication – Three tribal college presidents’ paths began as TCU students
By Mary Annette Pember (Red Cliff Tribe of Wisconsin Ojibwe)
The presidents of Nebraska Indian Community College, Sitting Bull College, and Little Big Horn College reveal how they chose to come back as leaders.

TCJ Student Edition 2007
Joy Harjo notes that every generation of stories, poems and songs are born from deep roots and are influenced by social, political, and personal shifts. Harjo lauds Native writers who tell their own stories and write their own poetry. This is how we continue, she says.


Dear Readers: Congratulations, Financial Good News, and Best Wishes

Editor’s Essay: It Takes the Tribal Colleges Honoring Native Intellect and Talent

Research: Successes and Challenges in Higher Education Transitions
By Tiffany S. Lee, Ph.D.

Tribal College News

ON THE COVER: Photographer Mary Annette Pember (Red Cliff Tribe of Wisconsin Ojibwe) took the handgame picture at the 2007 AIHEC conference in Rapid City, SD, on March 24-28, 2007. Handgames are highly popular traditional competitions involving teams of players facing each other, passing an object from hand to hand while singing. Team members take turns guessing whose hand is hiding the object. A stick is awarded for each correct guess. The winning team succeeds by distracting the other team and by collecting the most sticks.

Pember is an independent writer and photographer. She has worked with several publications and has won major photography awards. Read more about her on pages 7 and 27 of this issue. Visit her website at www.mapember.com

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