The Gospel of the Redman: Commemorative Edition

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GOSPEL OF THE REDMAN COVERby Ernest Thompson Seton and Julia M. Seton
World Wisdom Inc. (2005)
Bloomington, IN
130 pages — ISBN 0-941532-76-3
Paperback $17.95

Review by Kim Pappin

The Gospel of the Redman, originally published in 1937, with a second edition in 1948, was released in commemorative edition in 2005. After spending most of his adult life among Indians, Seton gave readers his insight to the Native psyche and relayed information on the everyday life of indigenous people in North America from the early 1900s.

He quotes numerous commanders, trappers, and explorers who had early contact with Indians. They praise Natives for everything from cleanliness, honesty, and bravery to their kindness, cheerfulness, and wisdom.

Seton imparts teachings of Hiawatha, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Tecumseh, Black Hawk, and Geronimo. And he offers many Indian prayers that provide evidence of the profound relationship between Native Americans and their Creator.

I enjoyed reading this book very much, it made me appreciate Native philosophy even more, but I found the knowledge shared what I already know on a deep, instinctual level.

This is a book to read just for yourself or to recommend to your best friend.

Kim Pappin is an enrolled member of the Osage Nation in Pawhuska, OK, and works for the Southern Ute Tribe at KSUT Four Corners Public Radio.

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