Writing the Cross Culture, Native Fiction on the White Man’s Religion

Feb 15th, 2007 | By | Category: 18-3: Building Prosperity, Media Reviews

Fulcrum Publishing (2006)
Golden, CO
187 pages  ISBN 1-55591-541-8
Softcover $15.95

Review by Tina Deschenie

John Trudell’s song lyrics for “Indians are Jesus” and the 26 stories written by known Native American writers explore conflicts and connections between Christianity and Native life.  Some make you laugh outright; others are sobering, but all cause you to ponder the effects of Christianity on Native people.

Carter Revard writes a hilarious report claiming England, France, and Spain for the Osage Nation while touring Europe. About the shrines, he wryly observes, “They certainly have a lot of torture scenes in them.”

“Miracle at Chimayo” is a sweet story about Lakota grandmother Josephine and her grandson Takoja.  At Chimayo, Takoja learns his grandmother’s point of view about what is sacred, or not, in spite of his mother’s discomfort with the discussion.

The family disruptions caused by boarding schools and the effects of their Christianization are apparent in several stories.  Other stories reveal how families struggle to fit both Christian and Native beliefs in their lives.

Tina Deschenie is the Tribal College Journal editor.

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