19-4 Summer 2008 “Success by Accountability and Assessment” Table of Contents

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Vol. 19, No. 4 Summer 2008Features

Three Sisters – Lessons of traditional story honored in assessment and accreditation
By Venida S. Chenault, Ph.D. (Prairie Band Potawatomi/Kickapoo)
Tribal peoples know service, reciprocal relationships, and traditional values, and they practice these concepts during the tribal college assessment process.

Re-framing Mainstream Assessment – Colleges use Native philosophies of growth and reflection
By Maggie George, Ph.D., (Diné) and Daniel McLaughlin, Ph.D.
Designing programs of higher learning that work from and advance Native knowledge remains a core challenge in the tribal college movement.

Harnessing Assessment – Pulling together, administrators, faculty, and staff can improve student learning
By Anne Marie Karlberg, Ph.D.
A Northwest Indian College expert provides a check list to make assessment easier and more effective for tribal colleges.

A Good Education? – Students judge tribal colleges by many criteria
By Patty Talahongva (Hopi/Tewa)
Tribal college students discuss how they use accreditation, cultural philosophy, commitment, and other factors to critique their colleges.

Diné College Turns 40 – Philosophy of harmony forms foundation for nation’s first tribal college
By Natasha Kaye Johnson (Diné)
Diné College leaders discuss celebrations, challenges, and the college’s essential mission, which is rooted in Diné philosophy.


Dear Readers: “Final Thoughts From Retiring Executive Director Gipp”
By Gerald E. Gipp

Editor’s Essay: “Tribal Colleges Nurture Seeds Today, to Reap Qualified Graduates Tomorrow”
By Tina Deschenie

Talking Circle: “From Turtle Mountains to the Badlands: Learning to Teach Native Ways of Knowing”
By Tibi Marin and Carmelita Lamb

Voices: “More Than a Buzz Word, Assessment as a Way of life”
By Karen Radell, Ph.D.

Tribal College News

Media Reviews

Resource Guide
By Anne Marie Karlberg, Ph.D.

ON THE COVER: Diné College graduate blesses herself at an outdoor fireplace during the college’s 2007 commencement exercises. Photo by Leigh T. Jimmie of the Navajo Times.

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