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FLIGHT COVERBy Sherman Alexie
Grove / Black Cat (2007)

Review by Tiffany S. Lee

Flight is a fast-paced story of a self-deprecating young teenage boy named Zits, who is both Native and Irish. The story is both funny and sad as Zits time travels into various centuries, embodying both Native and white personas, only to realize his journey is one of self-discovery, and perhaps self-renewal.

The book is enjoyable and hard to put down once started. Perhaps most refreshing is the complexity of Zits’s personality and identity, who has lived an extremely hard life. There’s no pretentiousness or essentializing of Native people nor of white people.

Instead, for the most part, Alexie tries to reach into the complexities of people’s lives and experiences, making those moments in time funny but often tragic. Tribal college libraries and students might appreciate this approach by Alexie as it grabs you emotionally from beginning to end.

Tiffany S. Lee (Lakota/Diné), Ph.D., is an assistant professor in Native American Studies at the University of New Mexico.

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