The Tiny Warrior — A Path to Personal Discovery and Achievement

Nov 15th, 2007 | By | Category: 19-2: Our Story, Our Way, Media Reviews

Andrews McMeal Publishing (2003)
Kansas City, MO

Review by Rachael Marchbanks

A warrior, as defined in the dictionary, is somebody who fights or is experienced in warfare. D. J. Eagle Bear Vanas challenges and redefines the word and concept in his book, The Tiny Warrior.

Being on the “warrior path,” he says, is not about being self-serving or destructive. Conversely, it’s about developing one’s own unique talents and using them for the benefit of others.

Vanas reveals these “real warrior” lessons through conversations between a grandfather and a grandson. Justin, the grandson, faces a modern predicament. He dreams of going to college and becoming an engineer, and laments events in his past and outside influences which seem to prevent him from pursuing his goals. Justin’s grandfather helps him find his courage to follow his dreams by relating a story passed on from previous generations.  A true warrior’s power, he learns, lies in his heart, his character, and his commitment to serving others.

Vanas’s writing is clear and direct. His message is entertaining, thought-provoking, and inspiring. The book’s organization is such that one can easily return to sections and chapters to ponder the specific points that he makes. Like an onion, this book has many layers and would be appealing to younger and mature audiences alike.

Rachael Marchbanks is publisher of Tribal College Journal.

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