Red Feather Wins AIHEC Conference Logo Contest

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SANDRA RED FEATHER, LOGO DESIGNER. Her art promotes the 27th annual meeting of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium. Photo by United Tribes News.

A design by Sandra Red Feather, Pine Ridge, SD, won a logo contest for the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) Annual Student Conference. Red Feather, an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, is a second year student in the United Tribes Technical College’s Art-Art Marketing Program.

“It feels great,” says Red Feather about having her design selected. “I had never won an art contest before.” Art-Art Marketing Instructor Wayne Pruse encouraged Red Feather to enter the contest. She did her research by going onto the internet and visiting the websites of schools around the country that attend the annual event.

The 2008 AIHEC Student Conference is sponsored by the tribal colleges in North Dakota and scheduled for March 17-20 in Bismarck. It brings together students, faculty, and administrators from 37 member institutions, located primarily in the Western part of the nation, that serve the higher education needs of American Indian students.

Red Feather designed the logo over the course of 3 weeks entirely in the computer using the program Adobe Illustrator. She received ideas and suggestions from other students and technical help and guidance from her instructor, Colleen Bredahl.

The design contains images of creatures in the natural world that Red Feather selected because they are common to regions of the country where AIHEC schools are located. As a background she chose the colors of the Medicine Wheel.

With her success, Red Feather says she’s thinking about entering other work in the graphic design categories of the AIHEC student competition. The annual competition includes categories for a wide range of student accomplishments. In the arts alone, students may enter works in subdivisions for textiles, ceramics, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, beadwork, leather work, and quillwork, just to name a few.

Other major divisions of the AIHEC competition include critical inquiry, business, traditional plants, speech, web pages, science, writing, and the always popular knowledge bowl.

Red Feather’s logo design also contains the phrase: “Coming Together as One,” the theme of the event.

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