20-1 Fall 2008 “Native Voices, Modern Media” Table of Contents

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Changing Faces – Native journalists break through barriers in new media
By Juan A. Avila Hernandez (Yoeme/Yoi)
The opportunities for diversity in the media field are greater than ever, and Native students with special training can take advantage of them.

Lifelong Learning – Libraries promote literacy throughout communities
By James Thull
Libraries exist to support learning and teaching; at the TCUs they must be creative with limited resources to serve entire communities.

Who’s Best for U.S. AND Indian Country? Students weigh in on 2008 presidential race
By Patty Talahongva (Hopi/Tewa)
Young tribal college student leaders are concerned about the war, the economy, and the environment more than gender or race.

TCJ Student Edition 2008
Elizabeth Cook-Lynn (Crow Creek Sioux) says “self-knowledge and cultural revitalization is possible in a flawed world of relentless struggle.”

2008 AIHEC Conference Highlights
SPECIAL! Scenes from the 27th annual conference reflect the students’ learning, competitive spirit, and humor.


Dear Readers: “New Executive Director Billy Outlines Strategic Plan”
By Carrie Billy

Editor’s Essay: “Native Students Express Themselves – Literature, Politics, New Media”
By Tina Deschenie (Diné/Hope)

Tribal College News

Resource Guide
By Mariana Kiona Harvey (Yakima/Cowlitz) and Tina Deschenie (Diné/Hope)

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