20-2 Winter 2008 “Native Green” Table of Contents

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The Red Road to Green – Tribal peoples’ worldviews preceded ‘green’ trend
By Mary Annette Pember (Red Cliff Tribe of Wisconsin Ojibwe)
Green practices in the tribal college community demonstrate the potential, challenges, and approaches unique to Native communities.

We are All Related – Indigenous people combine traditional knowledge, geoscience to save planet
By Dr. Daniel Wildcat (Euchee)
The tribal colleges and universities
have formed working groups to tackle global issues, such as climate-related problems.

Colonizing Green? – We must remember our roots of harmony, beauty, balance, restoration
By Larry Emerson, Ph.D. (Diné)
Special to TCJ Natives should engage “green” by applying the learning tools of Indigenous processes, practices, and critique.


Dear Readers: Intimate Connection to Mother Earth Demanded Action
By Carrie Billy

Editor’s Essay: We All Must Learn to Live Respectfully
By Tina Deschenie (Dine/Hopi)

Profile: Leroy Silva
By Tina Deschenie (Dine Hope)

Talking Circle:  Understanding of Sovereignty and Identity Improved by Learning with Cases
By Barbara Leigh Smith

Voices: Anishinaabe Prophecy: Communities Must Choose Green Path for Food, Energy
By Winona LaDuke (Anishinaabe)

Media Reviews

Tribal College News

Resource Guide
By Beau Mitchell (Chippewa Cree) and Jeremy Wescott (Chippewa Cree)

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