New Executive Director Billy Outlines Strategic Plan

Aug 15th, 2008 | By | Category: 20-1: Native Voices, Modern Media
By Carrie Billy, J.D.

CARRIE BILLYYá’át’ééh, my name is Carrie Billy. I am Tótsóhnii (Big Water Clan), born for Kinyaa’aanii (Towering-House-People Clan). My father’s family lives near Low Mountain on the Navajo Nation. I am honored to have the opportunity to work on behalf of the 37 tribal colleges and universities (TCUs), which compose the American Indian Higher Education Consortium.

We’ve come a long way since I first began working with tribal colleges in the mid-1980s, and as I take the position of executive director of AIHEC, I see tremendous opportunity for the tribal college movement. Guided by the stories, lessons, and experiences of our grandparents (the first generation of leaders of the TCU movement), we have before us many paths of possibility.

Working together, in partnership with old and new friends throughout the country and the world, the various paths we take are all leading to strong sovereign nations through excellence in tribal higher education.

To move forward in the immediate future, AIHEC has a four-point strategic plan for our direction and organizational framework.

  • First, TCU Sustainability: Our primary task will be to acquaint a new Administration and new Congress with the history, hope, and promise of tribal colleges and universities. Our goal: to secure equitable, full, and forward operational funding for all TCUs.
  • In the area of Performance Accountability, we will launch a series of workshops throughout Indian Country on the ground-breaking AIHEC Indigenous Evaluation Framework and continue our unique and innovative AIHEC AIMS data collection system to help ensure that our programs meet the needs of our communities and that we have the information and data we need to tell our story.
  • We will work to Strengthen Tribal Communities through enactment of The Path, comprehensive legislation to increase TCU capacity to deliver high quality health professions, human resource, community wellness, and economic development programs and activities. We will launch new Indigenous language revitalization, cultural resource management, and law enforcement initiatives.
  • Finally, to help improve Student Engagement, we will work to strengthen research programs at TCUs, re-invigorate AIHEC’s groundbreaking technology initiative, and secure sustainable student support programs.

As we move forward, we must remember to celebrate our successes, acknowledge the people who worked to get us where we are, and most importantly, we must share our stories. No finer venue exists for sharing our stories than the Tribal College Journal, which has been chronicling the triumphs and challenges of the tribal college movement for nearly two decades. I commend this edition to you, and look forward to sharing many more stories in the future.


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