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Rx for Indian Country: Tribal College Education
By Dina Horwedel
Tribal colleges and universities are working in their communities to identify factors that negatively impact health and are training the next generation of healthcare workers to deal with them. And they are making a difference—not just in the lives of their students, but in the lives of future patients.

The 35th AIHEC Student Conference
From all corners of Indian Country, tribal college students, staff, faculty, and administrators convened in the Twin Cities for competition and camaraderie.

Very Good Medicine: Indigenous Humor and Laughter
By Cynthia Lindquist with Mylo Redwater Smith
Humor is not only instinctive and a basic human need, but it also is very good medicine. Laughter boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and is linked to healthy functioning organs.

Four Legged Healers: Horse Culture as Medicine
By Jessica White Plume
For tribal communities to overcome the health disparities that plague them, they need to honor Indigenous healthcare paradigms. The Horse Nation Initiative at Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College embraces the people’s historical connection to the horse as an avenue to wellness.

Connection and Community: Diné College Emphasizes Real-World Experience in Public Health
By Mark Bauer
The Summer Research Enhancement Program at Diné College offers students a solid foundation in public health research methods and a hands-on internship in their home community to test their newly acquired skills.


Dear Readers: Congratulations Tribal College Graduates
By Rachael Marchbanks

Editor’s Essay: The Medicine Way
By Bradley Shreve

On Campus: Tribal College News

TCJ Student: Going AWOL
By Rudell Two Bulls Jr.
The best in tribal college student writing and art.

Talking Circle: To Empower and Educate: Bringing Native Students into the Healthcare Professions
By Marielle Christine Leilani Young
At Cankdeska Cikana Community College, an introduction to community and public health class empowered students to pursue careers in the health sciences.

Media Reviews
With contributions from Elise Krohn, Doug Brugge, Wesley Thomas, and Michael E. Smith.

Voices: Students and Leaders: New Conference Aims for Campus and Community Leadership
By Robin Máxkii
The AIHEC Student Congress is planning a new leadership conference designed especially for TCU students.

Web Exclusive

Current Reflections: Nursing at Tribal Colleges: A Conversation with Joe McDonald

Ontario’s Northern Lights: Canada’s Tribal Colleges, Part 4
By Leif Gergersen
In this final installment of a four-part series, TCJ explores First Nations colleges in the Province of Ontario.

Resource Guide: Native Culture, Health, and Education: An Annotated Bibliography
By Jessica White Plume

On the cover: reINcarNATIVE by Michael Begay of College of Menominee Nation

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