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Struggle and Success: The State of Teacher Education at Tribal Colleges and Universities
By Carmelita Lamb
Today, there are many challenges that teacher education programs at tribal colleges face, including enrollment, funding, accreditation, and licensure. But the incredible dedication and determination among TCU faculty and students will help them overcome these and other obstacles. TCJ PAID CONTENT

27-3 THE TRIALS OF TEACHER EDUCATIONFrom Wisconsin to Wyoming and Back Again: The Journey to a Bachelor’s Degree and Teacher Licensure
By Susan Finkel-Hoffman
In an effort to produce homegrown educators, Wind River Tribal College forged an unlikely partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. In this memoir, the program director reminisces about some of the unexpected twists and turns that she and her students encountered. TCJ PAID CONTENT


Dear Readers: A Traveling Education Endures
By Rachael Marchbanks

Editor’s Essay: Mending the Broken Hoop
By Bradley Shreve
In his Great Vision, Black Elk spoke of immense difficulties that his people would face, but said they would find a new strength. Strong teacher education programs can help revitalize tribal communities.

On Campus: Tribal College News

TCJ Student: A Prayer for Piestewa
By Vicki M. Alberts
The best in tribal college student writing and art.

Profile: Richard Martinez
By Rebecca Bishop-Goss
The power of tribal colleges is that they are open, accessible institutions that offer a second chance to everyone— even those from some of the darkest corners of America. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Talking Circle: Many Trails to Persistence: A Model for Stockbridge-Munsee and Other Native Students in Higher Education
By Jolene Bowman
Educators at tribal colleges and non- Native institutions alike can benefit from culturally responsive teaching paradigms. The Mohican Many Trail Model is one such example. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Research: Actualizing the Seventh Generation Prophecy: A Case Study in Teacher Education at a Tribal College
By Lisa J. Benz Azure
In this ground-breaking qualitative study, tribal college students offer their insights as to what makes a successful teacher education program.

Media Reviews
With contributions from Linda Sue Warner, John Peacock, James Thomas Stevens, Charles Cambridge, Silvia Soto, and Paul McKenzie-Jones.

Voices: Working with Tribal Colleges to Strengthen the Native Teaching Workforce
By Robert Cook
There’s a teacher shortage in Indian Country, but Teach For America offers a venue for Native educators to give back to their tribal communities. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Web Exclusive

“This Is the Indigenous”: Scenes and Insights from the World Indigenous Games
By Katrina Montoya
Tribal college students travelled to Las Palmas, Brazil to compete and forge friendships with Indigenous peoples from around the globe. In this TCJ special, web-exclusive slideshow, experience the spectacle and get an inside look at this ground-breaking event.

Current Reflections: Linda Sue Warner
Longtime educator and tribal college leader, Linda Sue Warner, discusses some of the challenges that teacher ed students face—and how they can overcome them.

Creating a Multicultural Classroom
By Jill F. Keith
Forging a supportive learning environment is a key issue for tribal college educators. It’s important for instructors to treat each student as an individual in order to build a multicultural classroom that enhances student learning.

North Stars of the Prairie Provinces: Canada’s Tribal Colleges, Part Three
By Leif Gregersen
In this third installment of a four-part series, TCJ explores First Nations colleges in the Canadian Great Plains. Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology and Yellowquill College in Manitoba are highlighted.

Agents of Change for the Classroom
By Teresa Delorme
One of the original six tribal colleges, Turtle Mountain Community College has built a rigorous, community-centered teacher education department that continues to expand and offer new degree programs.

Resource Guide
By Carmelita Lamb
An annotated bibliography of sources in the field of teacher education.

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