Aaniiih Nakoda College Students Complete Certified Nurses Training

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ANC students show their certificates upon completing a Certified Nursing Assistant course. Back row, from left: Deanna Bigby, Kaye Brown, Ashley Dawson, RN, Joni Myhre NCO,RN, Haeli Gardipee, Barbara Gardipee, Tia Zander and Tylanna Adams. Front row, from left: Peggy Castillo, LaShauna Janis, Aryn LongKnife-Jake, and Lara Lawrence.

Ten students at Aaniiih Nakoda College (ANC) recently completed a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course and proceeded to pass the State of Montana’s CNA exam, enabling them to pursue employment in the healthcare profession. The students are Barbara Gardipee, Haeli Gardipee, Kaye Brown, Deanna Bigby, Tia Zander, Tylanna Adams, Lara Lawrence, Aryn Jake, LaShauna Janis, and Peggy Castillo.

The class was offered at the Sweet Memorial Nursing Home in Chinook, Montana. Jenni Pula, CEO, RN, Joni Myhre, CNO, RN, and Ashley Dawson, RN agreed to teach the CNA class at their center. Held over the winter break, it was no holiday for the ANC students who started on December 22, with a three-day break for Christmas. The course concluded the first week of January. The students then proceeded to take the Montana CNA test on the Sunday prior to the beginning of the spring semester. The schedule was quite rigorous—and hectic. Some of the students had to catch the transit from Hays/Lodgepole to get to the ANC campus in time for spring semester courses. Will Gray, ANC facilities manager, lent a hand by driving students between the center and college on what came to be known as “The Polar Express.”

Although students are currently attending classes this semester, they can now work as a licensed CNA, earn money, and help provide for their families. They all hope to enter into the nursing education program being developed at ANC, which will begin in September.

The CNA class for ANC students is funded through a five-year grant from the Administration for Native Americans (ANA), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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