Diné College to Open Navajo Nation Police Academy

Nov 14th, 2015 | By | Category: Online TC News, Tribal College News, Web Exclusive
By Lori Tapahonso

Navajo Nation police officers meet at Dine’ College for an academy status update.

Diné College will serve as the future sight of the new Navajo Nation Police Academy. The academy will be open for recruits in January, 2016.

This will be first time since 2012 that the Navajo Nation Police Academy has been active. Currently, recruits are attending academies in two different locations in Arizona. The revitalization of the academy at Diné College will strengthen the oversight of training of police recruits and the sovereignty of the Navajo Nation.

Navajo Nation police sergeant Stanley Ashley has been on campus for a few months creating the curriculum and aligning the police academy with the standards of the State of Arizona Police Academy. Once this program is running smoothly, and with the full support of the Navajo Nation, there is a strong potential for it to serve as a training site for other tribal law enforcement agencies around the nation.

The academy will reside on the west side of campus, across the street from the dorms. There are currently barracks, a latrine portable and two classroom portables already on-site. The academy will also build a 90-yard obstacle course and a closed fire arms range west of the rodeo grounds.

Recruits are anticipated to begin arriving on campus as early as January 11. Sergeant Ashley, a veteran police and training officer, will serve as head of the program. His office is currently across from the security office on the first floor of the Ned Hatathli Center.

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