Minnesota gets grant that will help tribal colleges like Leech Lake

Aug 13th, 2015 | By | Category: Tribal College News Roundup

For Minnesota’s estimated 19,000 American Indian school students, many growing up in communities plagued by poverty and crime, education is the best hope for a brighter future. Graduating high school with strong fundamental skills can be a generational game-changer, one that not only improves the individual student’s life, but those of children to come. Prosperous families, in turn, create prosperous communities.

Sadly, for more than a decade the state has neglected the alarming achievement gaps suffered by students descended from Minnesota’s first citizens. Unacceptably, the graduation rate for the state’s Indian students has been among the lowest in the nation.

This is wonderful news for Minnesota tribal colleges.  Leech Lake students will benefit from this new legislation.

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