26-4: “Tribal College Governance” Table of Contents

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An Act of Sovereignty: Governing Tribal Higher Education
By Cheryl Crazy Bull, Cynthia Lindquist, and David M. Gipp
Governance at tribal colleges and universities differs from that at mainstream institutions. Although regional accreditation requirements necessitate the implementation of some Western standards, TCUs have forged their own leadership models that make their governance an act of sovereignty. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Walking the Talk: The Balancing Act of Native Women Tribal College Presidents
By Barbara Ellen Sorensen
Native women are no strangers to positions of leadership, and over half of all tribal college presidents today are women. But with their governing roles come unique challenges that often require them to walk a fine line.TCJ PAID CONTENT


Dear Readers: A Heartfelt Thank You to the Leaders of TCUs
By Rachael Marchbanks

Editor’s Essay: Culturally Relevant Governance
By Bradley Shreve

On Campus: Tribal College News

TCJ Student: He Dances
By Vicki Marie Alberts

The best in tribal college student writing and art.

Research: Fostering the Intellectual and Tribal Spirit: The Role of the Chief Academic Officer
By Deborah His Horse Is Thunder
At tribal colleges, the chief academic officer performs a variety of tasks and faces myriad challenges.

Talking Circle: Tribal College Writing: The Bumpy Road to Success
By Barbara Komlos
Educators should consider alternative strategies when teaching writing skills at tribal colleges.TCJ PAID CONTENT

Profile: Haven Gourneau
By Richard Peterson
From student to leader, Fort Peck Community College president Haven Gourneau embodies what the TCU movement is all about. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Media Reviews
With contributions from Carmelita Lamb, Leola Tsinnajinnie, Gregory E. Smoak, and Jon Carver.

Voices: Tribal Colleges: The Original Extreme Makeover Experts
By Donna Powless
The College of Menominee Nation has found an alternative accreditation model that is more compatible with traditional governance structures.TCJ PAID CONTENT

ON THE COVER: War Chief by Scott Charles Arnoux (Blackfeet) of Salish Kootenai College

Web Exclusive

Photo highlights from the 34th AIHEC Student Conference
Tribal college students, staff, faculty, and administrators gathered in the upper Rio Grande valley March 14-17 for competition and friendship. Photos from the conference in Albuquerque.

The Challenge of TCU Leadership
By Monte Randall
Tribal college leaders are working to identify styles of governance that facilitate both culture and academic rigor.

Resource Guide
By Monte Randall

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